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Dr. Thomas L. Halton

“Using the latest research in Nutrition Science and Exercise Physiology to help you lose weight, reduce your risk of chronic disease, and get into the very best shape of your life.”

As a nation, we are very good at putting on weight, but not so good at taking it off. Clinically relevant weight loss is considered losing 10% of total body weight and keeping it off for one year. The research literature shows that 8 out of 10 dieters fail to achieve this goal.

Although losing weight is a challenge, it is a goal that is highly attainable. A fundamental lack of knowledge of the science behind weight loss is holding most people back. In the past few decades, a great deal of high quality research has been published that has taught us much about how the human body gains and loses weight. However, most people don’t know how to access or interpret this research.

Dr. Thomas L. Halton has created a free PDF entitled “The Top 5 Reasons People Fail At Weight Loss”. This paper is based on his 5 years as a doctoral student at Harvard’s Department of Nutrition, as well as his 15 years of experience working with weight loss clients. You’ll likely be surprised by much of what you read in this paper, and the information can change your weight and your life! Download this free report by clicking on the link below.